Author Guest of Honor:

John Ringo

Artist Guest of Honor:

Howard Tayler

YA Writer Guest of Honor:

Tamora Pierce

Gaming Guests of Honor:

Andy & Kristin Looney

The Future of Lunacon Auction

As you may have noticed, membership in Lunacon has been shrinking over the last few years; last year membership was down by approximately 200 paying members.  Unfortunately, Lunacon’s bills have not been shrinking as much as our membership, and we are in need of an infusion of cash.  In order to help make up the shortfall, we are having a charity auction for the benefit of Lunacon.  Items will be on display in the art show, bidding will use the same rules as the art show.  If you would like to donate anything to the charity auction, please bring it to the art show and see Andrea.

Cash donations will also be accepted.  Every donation of $5.00 or more will receive a special “Friend of Lunacon” ribbon.

Come to Lunacon this coming March, and you’ll join thousands of Science Fiction/Fantasy readers, writers, and fans for discussions and debate about books and films, science and art, politics and religion, all in the context of the strange and the fantastic.

You’ll also find author readings, writing workshops, a Science Fiction/Fantasy Art Show & Auction, a costume masquerade (newcomers welcome!), a dealer’s room with genre-related merchandise, and of course, a variety of fannish social events during the evening hours.

Children's Programming Reinvented -- featuring the Return of the $1.98 Costume Workshop!

Preregistration Rate (good until February 21) $50.
You can still use the link on the left to register at the At-the-Door Rate via PayPal. The last day to register via PayPal is March 7 - Mail In registrations are already closed. Day Memberships sold ONLY at the con.

At the Door Day Rates
Full Weekend: $60
Friday: $30
Saturday: $45
Sunday: $30

Hotel information:
The group rate will be $132 per night (single-quad). The Hotel link to the left will allow you to reserve your room.
Every room has a fridge.

Unfortunately, due to the prohibitive cost, we will not have shuttle service this year. There is however a Limo Service who can pick you up. See the Phone number link below.

For those who want to take a Taxi, here are the phone numbers of the local companies.